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Alpha Abebe is currently an Assistant Professor at McMaster University with the Faculty of Humanities, where she teaches courses focused on leadership, cross-cultural literacy, community engagement, critical thinking, inquiry and methods. She completed her doctorate in International Development at Oxford University in 2016, where she was also affiliated with the Oxford International Migration Institute and Oxford Diasporas Programme. 

Some of her research interests include Ethiopian and African diasporas, diaspora engagement in development, generations and identities, and the politics of race and ethnicity. She has spent several years as an international and community development practitioner, and her advocacy, research and professional efforts have been largely devoted to young people from African and racialized communities. 

Alpha is also a photographer and uses her art as a tool for community engagement and dialogue. Her images are a reflection of how she sees the world — textured and colourful, with a splash of optimism. Alpha makes use of natural light and lines to bring life to the subjects in her work, whether they be people, landscapes or mundane objects.

Her art, advocacy, and academic work are all informed and strengthened by each other.


2014 - Exploring Diasporas Through the Arts (Oxford)
2013 - Pop Up Addis Exhibition (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
2012 - Focus On The Horn Launch (Oxford)
2010 - Selam Visual Arts Festival (Toronto)
2010 - Flash Forward Photography Festival (Toronto)
2010 - Scotiabank CONTACT Photo Festival (Toronto)





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